Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Dream Like No Others

Narrating from this white throne, setting beside the man whom I was -and well ever be dreaming of, observing every single detail going on, stunned by those numerous numbers of people coming to congratulate us, offering helping hands and wishing us an ever-lasting happy life together.

Let alone my confusion, I'm doubtless the happiest fellow on this earth, over the moon I'm, and over the moon my man will forever make me.

Today, it's my day, it's every woman's anticipated day. In the regard of my feelings, now I'm compassionate, inspired and eager to this new stage of my life.
Trusting in my man and believing in him too… what else does a woman need?

Today, it's my first time to touch these gentle hands, to experience the warmness of the heart stated in the fingertips of the hands, feeling like an eternal love travels among our hearts, creating an unbelievable feeling of being secured.

For we both, tonight is our wedding night, an unrepeatable one adorned with indescribable feelings. United by love and with love we will be tied forever. Together we promised to keep on the holy ties of the divine act of marriage and together we will not prevent any act-of-interest from prevailing.

Observing from a bird-eye pose a bunch of dancing people, blabbers, trembling spotlights, an endless dining table….. all of that couldn't be compared with what lies behind in my deep soul inside.

From now on I'll be yours, you be mine. And all the other stuff will be Just OURS.

I Dedicated this dream to all mates who were gathered by love, and with love they will be tied forever.