Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Sometimes we feel strangled, upset, saaaaad.
Sometimes we want to get red of our reality, our grief, but we couldn't.
Short happiness, long sadness, when will life turn?!
I stand a while in front of my self asking her when will u settle, when will u stay on one side?!
Why those who promised to forgive all our faults, forget their promises!?
Why those who love us so much, suddenly in one minute turn their love into hatred, did they mean it? Have they ever put their selves in our place? I bet that they have,
I admit that I siege my self in a bad kind of characters but I am not happy with this manners, can I change, I wish I could exchange, but which character I will run with, is it easy to find this one?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

message in a bottle

Dear Mr. mysterious:
Hi, how are you? Really I don’t know you, I even not sure that your hands will receive my message, but all what I am sure from are this words, which I found myself writing it, my feelings revolt over me, forcing my hands to express what the heart hides.

Mr mysterious, there is an angle yes I am sure of that, he is not an ordinary guy, I love him hysterically, his voice come out from his mouth like bird's chanting, when I am with him I am over the moon, when I touch his hands I touch the sky and catch its stars above, his eyes filled with passion, I really cannot resist his charming nature.

I just want to stay with him, his hands locked in mine, challenging together this world, destroying all barriers. But I don’t know why that happened, why I have chosen this angelical man whom I am ready to change my inner self just to grant him a moment of happiness.

Do you know, I spent my whole life insisting on loving no body but my husband, I mean that I'll love him just after marriage. But I discovered that I have an enormous sympathy towards him, before even engagement, but I am flying from this love, I am blessed with this emotion that I carry for him, the lovely thing in this matter is his love, he also loves me madly, I can feel that from his tone from his mysterious marvelous eyes.

Eventually, no man can take my sweetheart's place, or come instead of him; he is my first, last and only love in my life. Thanks a lot for reading my words, hope you also have such a real love sooner or later.
Sea lover